YouTube loops

Replayer supports the YouTube video format and can be used as a simple YouTube looper application. Replayer enables you to permanently loop a YouTube video, or part of it.

YouTube music video in a loop mode
Image: YouTube music video in a loop mode (Video credit: Telefunken)

Try the YouTube Video (in Replayer)

How to create a YouTube video loop

In this example, you learn how to create a loop with the video shown above.

  1. Copy the full YouTube URL (Credit: Telefunken)
  2. Navigate to
  3. Paste the URL into the URL field in Replayer and click the "Use" button. This creates a new track with this YouTube video. Pasting a YouTube URL
  4. Click once on the loop toggle button to activate the "Loop Track" loop mode
  5. Hit the green "Play" button Looping a YouTube video
  6. To loop in full screen mode, click the "Full Screen" icon on the video canvas (lower right corner)

Done. Your Video now runs full-screen, in an infinite loop.

Partial loop and annotation

By editing the track, you can further annotate it, and create cues.

  • To loop only part of the track:
    • create a beginning and ending cue
    • select the beginning cue
    • choose the "Loop Cue" loop mode

Fading at the loop boundaries

By default, Replayer adds a minimal fade-in and fade-out to play/pause events. With YouTube video, this also includes a partial fade-to-black. You can control the fading behaviour:

  • In the Settings, you can define global fade-in and fade-out durations (or none)
  • The fade-in duration can be compensated with a pre-roll (on by default)
  • For each track, you can toggle fading with the fading toggle button. For music practice, you most probably want to disable fading for loops.