Replayer for video installations

With the supported video formats, like MP4 and YouTube, Replayer is a great tool for your video installation, museum, exhibition, infotainment display or educational presentation. It enables you to permanently run a video, or part of it, in a loop.

Large video display on a wall
Image: Large video display on a wall (Illustration credit: CERN)

For a video installation you typically want to

  • Use one of the loop modes
  • Set the video to full screen, or use "picture-in-picture" for playback on a second screen or with a projector
  • Use a kiosk software to prevent unwanted user interaction. Replayer does not currently have a kiosk mode on it's own.

Try the CERN Video (in Replayer)

How to create a video loop

In this example, you learn how to create a loop with the video shown above.

  1. Copy this URL (Credit: CERN)
  2. Navigate to
  3. Paste the URL into the URL field in Replayer and click the "Use" button. This creates a new track with this video. Screenshot showing the URL input
  4. Click once on the loop toggle button to activate the "Loop Track" loop mode
  5. Hit the green "Play" button Screenshot showing the Replayer edit view
  6. Click the "Full Screen" icon on the video canvas (lower right corner)

Done. Your Video now runs full-screen, in an infinite loop.

Partial loop and annotation

By editing the track, you can further annotate it, and create cues.

  • To loop only part of the track:
    • create a beginning and ending cue
    • select the beginning cue
    • choose the "Loop Cue" loop mode
  • If you want to show closed captions* for your video, create cues and set their description accordingly. Check the "Show cue captions" box (checked by default).

*) Not supported on YouTube due to their Terms of Use.

A partial loop with annotated cues, showing the captions Image: A partial loop with annotated cues, showing the captions

Fading at the loop boundaries

By default, Replayer adds a minimal fade-in and fade-out to play/pause events. With video, this also includes a partial fade-to-black. You can control the fading behaviour:

  • In the Settings, you can define global fade-in and fade-out durations (or none)
  • The fade-in duration can be compensated with a pre-roll (on by default)
  • For each track, you can toggle fading with the fading toggle button.