Replayer for dancers

With the supported video formats, like MP4 and YouTube, Replayer is a great tool for your dance practice or rehearsal:

  • Play back and loop single cues or whole video tracks
  • Skip to a cue using large buttons
  • Remote control via bluetooth enabled numeric keypad

Replayer showing a dance instruction video Image: Replayer with a dance instruction video playing

For videos (including YouTube), you can additionally:

  • Limit video size, e.g. while editing the cues
  • Show the cue text as closed captions (as video overlay*), in small or large font size
  • Set the video to full screen, e.g. when using one of the loop modes
  • Use "picture-in-picture" e.g. for playback on a second screen or with a projector

*) Not supported on YouTube due to their Terms of Use.

Try the SRF #SayHi dance tutorial (in Replayer)

Playback speed

You can change the playback speed (while keeping the pitch) for each track, individually. This is useful when rehearsing difficult and fast parts.

  1. Click the cog icon to open the track settings
  2. Use the rotary knob and the reset button to change the playback speed

playback-speed-controls Click the cog icon to change the playback speed.

The playback speed

  • can be increased (made faster) up to 4 times (YouTube up to 2 times)
  • can be decreased (made slower) up to 4 times
  • can be reset to the original speed using the reset button
  • is shown as a factor of the original speed
  • is shown as approximate new BPM if the track has a BPM value set

Speed changes work for all supported media formats and Track loops or cue loops are still followed.

Playback / Loop modes

You can change the playback mode using the playback mode fly-out menu.

playback-mode-flyout Image: The playback mode flyout menu, highlighting the current playback mode

Replayer supports the following playback modes:

Play track

Play track is the default playback mode and just plays through a whole track. At the end, the cursor returns to the selected cue, if any.

Loop track

Loop track loops a whole track infinitely. When looping, no fade occurs.

Play cue

Play cue plays through the selected cue, then pauses (with fade-out by default) after the cue's duration. The cursor returns to the selected cue, if any.
This mode is especially useful when you need time to prepare between repetitions of a part.

Loop cue

Loop cue infinitely loops a single cue. When looping, no fade occurs by default, but fade-in / fade-out for loops can be configured specifically.
This mode is intended for practicing a smaller part of a piece repeatedly.

Loop all

Loop all infinitely loops all tracks. This is intended to rehearse all tracks in their proper order.

Shuffle all

Shuffle all infinitely loops all tracks in a random order.


After selecting the current cue, this mode allows to select an arbitrary, subsequent cue , that gets scheduled for playback. Once the current cue finishes, the scheduled cue is immediately invoked, becoming the currently selected cue. The scheduled cue is indicated with a flashing border.
This mode is useful when you want to rehearse parts of your music in arbitrary order or with arbitrary repetitions.

Remote control

Using a numeric keypad, or via a wireless presenter, you can control playback remotely. The most important shortcuts are:

  • ENTER Play/Pause
  • . Return to cue

Learn more about the keyboard shortcuts.