Replayer comes as:

All provide the same features.

Web app, without installation

The web app is the most simple way of using Replayer. web-replayer-app-qrcode Just start by heading to, or use the QR code.

Most modern browsers are supported, on all major platforms. This includes Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge Chromium, Safari and more, on Windows, Android, Linux (Ubuntu and others), Apple iOS and macOS.

Progressive Web App

The Replayer Progressive Web App (PWA), is basically the web app, but with all required files installed on a device. After that, the Replayer PWA can be started offline, without any network connection. Still, a browser is required to both initially install the PWA and to later run the app.

Currently the best PWA experience is with Google Chrome, on all platforms. After loading the regular web app, you get offered to install it as a PWA:

Image: Installing Replayer as a PWA in Google Chrome

Installing a PWA is easy. Additionally, Google offers a guide for their Google Chrome Browser: Use Progressive Web Apps which explains the details.

Android App in the Google Play store

The Replayer Android App is fully compatible with the web app, but directly installable, without a browser.


After installation, load a ready-made compilation or start creating a new compilation of music files.