Fullscreen display

You can rehearse or practice with a single track in a fullscreen mode, while in the play view. It's especially useful when working with video content.

fullscreen-icon Click the fullscreen icon to put a single track in fullscreen mode.

The fullscreen mode

  • removes the browser address bar and other user interface elements
  • shows the track name and player controls on the top
  • features large cue buttons
  • displays video content in full screen width

    iPad Tablet in fullscreen mode A video track in fullscreen mode

Some iOS based models do not support track fullscreen. See the known issues.

If you want to put the video itself in fullscreen mode, use the video's standard fullscreen icon. Scroll to the bottom and click the video once to reveal the video's fullscreen icon:

standard-video-fullscreen-icon Use the video's standard fullscreen icon to set the video in fullscreen.

A fullscreen video continues to follow the defined playback behavior. Especially track loops or cue loops are still followed.