Documentation for the Classic (Windows) Replayer

Replayer (Classic) is a free, cue-based Windows desktop media player for rehearsals with playback music. By the click of a button, you can start to play at predefined times in the audio file.

The classic version has been superseded by the new Replayer web app.



Download the Windows Executable (*.exe) from GitHub and start with a double-click. No Installation required.


  • A package is a zip file (.zip, .rez) which contains a set of media files and typically one compilation. The tracks reference to the media files.
  • A compilation is a set of tracks, usually representing a playlist for a concert or rehearsal session.
  • A track represents a single media file and a set of cues for it. Within a compilation, more than one track may reference the same media file, to simplify rehearsal variants e.g. for different voices or parts in large pieces.
  • A media file is a binary file, containing playable music. Currently only files of type MP3 (.mp3) from a local file system are supported.
  • A cue represents a named temporal position in a track. A cue can have a (keyboard) shortcut.
  • A shortcut is a short mnemonic for a cue, to speed up navigation within a track or compilation, using a keyboard.

Getting started with compilations

If the folder, from which Replayer is started, already contains a compilation, it is loaded. Or you use the demo compilation from the project page. Otherwise, you create your own compilation using the wizard via “Compilation/Create new...” in the menu.


Creating a new compilation from the menu


The wizard for creating a new compilation

On the next steps, create your compilation. You will be able to change and add stuff as needed. The last loaded compilation is automatically loaded again at the next application start-up.

To navigate to a specific cue point, you have 2 options:

Using the mouse


Navigation using the mouse

  • In the list of tracks, select the one you like to rehearse.
  • In the presented list of available cues, select the desired cues by a click.
  • By hitting the ENTER key or by double-click, playing starts at this cue.

Using the keyboard


Navigation using the keyboard

  • By directly entering the shortcut key combination (shown in is square brackets) terminated by ENTER, you can navigate directly to the respective cue.
  • By hitting the ENTER key again, playback will start.

Keyboard Shortcuts

All frequently used actions are available via specific shortcut keys. For convenience, most of them are available from the numeric keypad.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Editing items

To add cues, simply hit F12 while playing.

To modify the properties of the compilation itself, use Compilation/Edit. To modify a track or a cue, right-click on the item in question and select Edit from the context menu.


Editing an item

Compilation types

XML compilations (.rex)

This type of compilation contains a list of tracks with their cue points. Each track refers to an external media file on the local file system. The content of the media file is not part of the compilation.

ZIP compilation (.rez, .zip)

This type is a ZIP archive (as a single file), containing an XML compilation plus the complete set of referenced media files. This allows distributing ready-to-use compilations as a single file.

Converting a compilation

Disclaimer: You are responsible for respecting the copyright of the distributed media files. The author of Replayer denies all responsibilities for any potential copyright infringement.

Save As...

In Compilation/Save as... in the application menu, you may choose to save the current compilation to another file or into another type of compilation. Replayer converts and saves the current compilation into the chosen type as necessary.


Replayer supports exporting to a quirli web-page, which is a browser version of Replayer. See the quirli player for more information.


To deploy your compilation for rehearsals, just provide the compilation along with a copy of Replayer.EXE. Upon first use on a new computer, Replayer automatically loads the first compilation in the same directory.

Command Line arguments

You can define a specific compilation to load at startup:

Replayer mycompilation.rez

Bug reports

Please report any bugs and feature requests on the GitHub Issues page or via


Replayer is licensed to you under the GNU General Public License v3.0 or any later version.


  • Icons: Everaldo Coelho,
  • Zip Library: SharpzipLib,
  • Audio Library: NAudio,
  • Exception Message, IDE, Framework: Microsoft
  • UI controls: DevExpress,
  • Templating Engine: DotLiquid,