Compatibility / Known Issues

Replayer uses modern browser features and is compatible with all recent versions of all major browsers on many platforms / operating systems. This generally includes

  • Phones and Tablets with Android OS v7 or newer
  • iPhone or iPad with iOS v12 or newer (from iOS v11 with restrictions, because of issues with IndexedDB)
  • Apple devices with macOS High Sierra (Safari 11.1) or newer
  • PCs with Windows 7 or newer

Compatibility with a specific browser

Replayer uses

Known Issues

  • Due to the use of an unsupported feature in a dependency, the following devices are not working currently (Technical note: the reported error is "SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: invalid flags"):
    • iPhone 7 with iOS v10 or below
    • iPhone 6 with iOS v11 or below
    • iPhone X with iOS v11 or below
  • Devices with iOS v11 or below have insufficient support for IndexedDB. ZIP-Compilations must get freshly loaded after each app start.

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