Replayer vs. TimeStretch Audio Player

  • TimeStretch Audio Player is an audio player aimed at musicians and singers. It's main feature is stretching and pitch-shifting of recorded music. This allows for practicing to playback music in a different key or tempo than in the original recording.
  • Replayer is a free media player, usable with prepared compilations of tracks and cues, suited for rehearsals, practice and performance.
Replayer TimeStretch Audio Player 29a.ch_timestretch
Pricing Model Free Free
Track Library User-created (local files and online media, via URL) only one piece at a time, only local files
Platform compatibility Web browsers on all major platforms, plus Android app Web browsers on all major platforms
Documentation Online available Online available
Multi-track player not available yet only single-track
Own tracks usable? Yes (various formats) Yes
Recording No No
Supports video? Yes No
Loop mode Yes Yes
Speed / Pitch changing No (except YouTube) Yes


  • TimeStretch Audio Player is a great app for practicing single pieces at home. The stretch and loop mode is especially useful to learn difficult parts of a piece.
  • Replayer is a great option to practice multiple parts in multiple pieces repeatedly.

Both apps are usable directly in the browser or can be installed on a device (as PWA), for offline use.