Replayer vs. RehearsalMix®

  • RehearsalMix® is a multitrack audio player (from aimed at musicians and singers, for practice. It's based on a set of multitrack (STEM) recordings for each song. The song library has a focus on worhip music and is available on a subscription basis.
  • Replayer is a free media player, usable with prepared compilations of tracks, suited for rehearsals, practice and performance.
Replayer RehearsalMix®
Pricing Model Free $8.33 USD/mo, paid annually (Not for Public or Performance Use.)
Track Library User-created Access to a licensed library of songs
Platform compatibility Web browsers on all major platforms, plus Android app Website, plus via the ChartBuilder app on iOS and Android
Multi-track player not available yet Player for original multitrack STEMS, up/minus-mixes available
Clickable cues Yes No (Clickable timeline only)
Own tracks usable? Yes (various formats) No
Recording No No
Supports video? Yes No
Loop mode Yes Yes
Speed / Pitch changing No (except YouTube) Yes


  • RehearsalMix® is a great tool for practising your part at home. A license to a song library is required.
  • Replayer is a great option if you have a song library of your own, to practise with.