Version 2.0 adds video playback, including YouTube. It shows text files in a compilation. During editing, a waveform view and a peak level meter is available. A customizable pre-roll can be set.

Screenshot of replayer in the edit mode with a video

  • Added video playback for WebM, MP4, Ogg Theora, YouTube
  • A waveform view and a peak level meter
  • Customizable pre-roll available (per track and globally configurable)
  • Changed license to AGPLv3
  • Improved document title with playback info
  • Simplified playback (only plays during play/edit, not other views)
  • Simplified and improved Editor GUI
  • Pre-Roll and Fading is now toggleable from the GUI
  • Text files are now displayed in the top position for a compilation
  • Internally improved media playback handling
  • Removed bplist support
  • Added BPM for a track
  • Adding web audio peak meter
  • Use pinia instead of vuex
  • Add support for text files in zip compilations

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