Your rehearsal / audition / performance on cue

Replayer is a free, cue-based media player for rehearsals with playback music.
By the click of a button, Replayer starts to play at predefined times in the audio file.

Download (Windows .exe)

How it works

  1. First, create a compilation of music files (mp3, wav, ...) as tracks and cues
  2. Each cue represents a point in time (e.g. intro, verse, chorus,...) in the playback file, with a name and an optional shortcut mnemonic
  3. In the session, using Replayer on your portable computer, play any part of your set with the click of a cue button.
  4. Additionally, you can use a (bluetooth) numeric keypad, as a remote control

Download (Windows .exe)


No Installation required

Replayer is a single Windows Executable (*.exe). Double-click to start. No installation required.

Various Audio Formats

Support for MP3, WAV and more (uses NAudio)

Named cues

For each cue, (e.g. intro, verse, chorus,...) create an offset / time mark with a description

XML & ZIP Export

Export a compilation as a zipped Package (*.rez) or as a set of files (*.xml & media) into a directory.


Share your work with other choirs, solo singers or dancers


Complete documentation in English


Copy the cues to tracks with different recordings, e.g. per voice ( SATB / soprano, alto, tenor, bass)

Free / Open Source

Replayer is an open source project, so you can spend your money on other stuff

Web App

The Replayer Web App is a companion to the Replayer Classic Windows desktop application. It features the playback of ready-made, locally downloaded compilations. It's compatible with all major browsers on every mobile device (Linux, Apple Mac/iOS, Android, Windows).

  1. Save the compilation in the desktop application as a REZ package (Compilation/Save As...).
  2. Transfer the the package to the mobile device
    e.g. via cloud storage (One-Drive, Dropbox), e-mail, messenger, USB flash drive or card,..
  3. Load the web app from
  4. Open the package on the device from within the app. Ready!

Try the demo

The web app is also installable as a PWA, for offline use.

Keypad control

Both the classic Windows Desktop Application as well as the Web App can be (remotely) controlled via a (Bluetooth) Keypad. See the documentation for more information.